Saturday, September 06, 2014

30 in 30 Challenge, Day 6, "Ruffles"

Ruffles, 3x2in. Oil on linen/board. $55

Available Here


"Decked out in ruffles, an African violet dances into bloom."

Debbie Lamey-MacDonald ©

African violets have been a constant vision in our family. My mom made pretty ceramic pots for them with a porous container that fits into another container filled with water. This way they have constant moisture, but do not get drowned! 

My dad is the one who nurtures them and they always seem to have a glorious array of blooms in various colors. One of the tricks is to give them plant food on a regular basis. My African violets don't do as well as my parents because I don't have dad living here. Chuckles! I tend to get really busy and forget to give them food. 

I loved getting up close and personal with this bloom. The little buds were also fun to paint.

Do you grow African violets?

Wishing you a blooming sort of day!



P.S. Please feel free to comment or join in the challenge if you are an artist! 

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Good luck with the rest of the Challenge! :)

    1. Warm Thanks Helen! Wishing you good luck too! It is busy for sure. :D

  2. Beautiful painting. Long time ago I had quite a few growing well in my house, but had to give them away due to moving to another country. thank you for reminding me how beautiful they are

    1. My pleasure and thank you Zoya! I hope some African violets enter your space soon. It sounds like you really enjoyed them. Thanks so much for commenting and visiting. :D


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