Sunday, September 28, 2014

30 in 30 Challenge, Day 26, "Touched By Color"

Touched by Color, 5x7in. Oil on linen/panel.
Painted En Plein Air in Powell's Pt. Park, Nova Scotia.

Available Here
(I will have to get a better photo of this one yet.)

Touched by Color

It is a very warm September morning. We have been blessed with a beautiful weekend forecast. Foliage in the park has been touched with nature's brilliant array of colors. It is apparent that autumn has arrived. 

This morning, I am struck by the drama of light and shadow. Bright colors come alive as the sun makes its journey higher into the clear blue. Geese noisily honk from the ocean, as they bobble along on the waves; while tall grasses rustle about as the breeze tosses them to and fro. Nature is alive and active this morning!

The light is changing quickly. Paint and observations must be made without pause. A record of time recorded; a moment in time lived.  An experience that will not be forgotten after winter's cold hand sweeps over the land. 

Debbie Lamey-MacDonald ©

I spent a great portion of my day in the park, scouting around for future painting spots and painting. The park is really abundant with autumn colors.  I found a secluded spot just off the beach and around a bent in a marshy area. It was a good job I didn't set up my easel where I initially was going to, as by the time I finished painting, the tide had come in and that area was covered with water. 

My location later in the day.

Just about finished.

I loved nature's activity today; seagulls feasting on the sandbars and geese honking and floating on the ocean! There were not many people in the park today, just the occasional walker out for their morning stroll. 

It was nice to have my husband join me after I had been painting for awhile. I forgot my camera card so he took that, along with lunch for me! We really enjoyed the peacefulness and warm temperatures. It won't be long and the park will be closed. If I want to paint here I will have quite a hike with my gear, as the places I like to paint are a distance from the gate. Staying in shape is a must for a plein air artist!

Thanks for following my adventures and for supporting me in my 3o in 30 day painting challenge!


P.S. The above written reflection is attached to the back of the painting on laminated card stock. 

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  1. This IS lovely!
    Best of luck tomorrow =)

    1. Thanks so much Sue! It has been a busy month! :D


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