Friday, September 05, 2014

30 in 30 Challenge, Day 5, "Angel Wings"

Angel Wings, 2x3in. Oil on linen/board. $55
Painted En Plein Air in Plymouth, Nova Scotia.

Available Here

Angel Wings

"Soft white petals float like angel wings in an evening glow."

Debbie Lamey-MacDonald ©

It was a beautiful evening when I painted these white petunias on my back doorstep. Birds fluttered about and the sky continued to change as I painted. Sometimes I think simple subjects offer the most beauty. There was something soft and gentle that I loved about these little flowers, hence the reference to angel wings. 

On another note we are experiencing gorgeous weather the last couple of days. Today after I painted another miniature on my back doorstep, I escaped to Big Island beach. It was divine! I even got to swim in the ocean; something I never do in September. But that is what retirement is all about --new adventures!

Here is a photo I took the other night when I was leaving Big Island after a
plein air session. Majestic!

While I was swimming, small schools of fish dashed by and around me. They flicked in the air and were quite the acrobats. The sea gulls were out in abundance, crazily searching for and feeding on these small fish. Aww the wonders of nature!

I hope angel wings hover nearby for you. Watch for them. They may show up in unexpected places.



P.S. Please feel free to comment or join in the challenge if you are an artist! 

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