Tuesday, September 16, 2014

30 in 30 Challenge, Day 15, "Rhythmic Voice"

Rhythmic Voice, 4x4in. Oil on linen/board.
Painted En Plein Air in Tor Bay, Nova Scotia.

Available Here

Rhythmic Voice

"As the sun warms the land, the rhythmic voice of the ocean, echoes in the 
surrounding space."

Debbie Lamey-MacDonald ©

I was delighted to have the opportunity to stay in a cottage not far from Tor Bay Provincial Park in Guysborough County. Our family has been coming to visit and picnic in the park since I was a child. It is about a two hour drive from our home. 

It was thrilling to be able to visit the beach so early in the morning. Beyond the beach is the wide open Atlantic Ocean. We often see cormorants and sometimes seals out in the ocean by huge rocks. It is a wide open and free space, where the ocean and sky change without warning. 

My view --Tor Bay Provincial Park, Nova Scotia.

I found a great spot, high on a sandy hill surrounded by dune grass and weeds. It was a wonderful vantage point, where I could look far and wide over the ocean. The sun was so warm that morning I was able to sit wearing short sleeves. At one point when my husband went back to the cottage to get his book, I was the only one on the beach! It was so peaceful and trance like as my senses became attune to my surroundings and my brush moved intuitively. I was in the zone!

My perch

Once I was finished painting, we headed back to the cottage. It wouldn't be long and my brother and sister-in-law would be arriving to stay the night with us. We all had a great weekend, despite the rainy day that followed.  A little wood heat came to our rescue, resulting in a cozy, lazy Sunday. 


P.S. (You know how it always seems when you are going away you forget something? Well, after checking my painting gear several times, I managed to forget the attachment on my painting box that allows me to attach it onto my tripod!! I had taken it off the day before so the box would lie flat on a table when I was tweaking a painting. Soooo I had to paint with the box sitting on my lap. I won't forget it next time....will probably forget something though! Haha) 

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