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30 in 30 Challenge, Day 4, "Hints of Fall" Diary of Plein Air Painter #29

Hints of Fall, 4x4in. Oil on linen/board. $75
Painted En Plein Air, MacLellan's Brook, Nova Scotia.

Available Here

Hints of Fall

"With subtle hues of red emerging within bright greens, hints of fall prevail."

Debbie Lamey-MacDonald ©

It was a beautiful morning when I set out to paint this one. I ventured out to one of my favorite haunts, MacLellan's Brook, Nova Scotia. I felt like I had entered a different world. It was so peaceful as nature hummed along around me. The following is my plein air diary I wrote after I finished my painting. I hope you enjoy my account!

Diary of a Plein Air Painter #29

It has been awhile since my visit to the brook. Hints of fall prevail as subtle hues of red begin to emerge within bright greens. Summer weather has finally returned after a bout of cold and rainy weather. 

When I first arrived, I took my time observing and exploring interesting spots spread out around the area. It is a larger area, so I sometimes drive my car between different locations on the old farmstead. I have selected several spots that would make good subjects. These areas are tucked away in my mind for future plein air session this fall.

Today, I decided to paint a group of trees that caught sections of the bright morning light. I like the mystic of the inner woods in the background. A thin branch with foliage steals the show, as its illumination contrasts with the forest behind it. I like its swooping motion and the lit foliage below it. 

It is important to not make the dark color around the background trees too dense. Washes help maintain a sense of space and depth. As I progress in my painting, a meditative state develops. The gentle sounds of nature, the babbling brook and warmth all contribute to a state of calm. Here is where the gifts lie. The chatter of the mind slows down and only the present moment holds importance.


P.S. I believe it was a Kingfisher that came to visit several times during my stay. He nosily announced his arrival as he flew from tree to tree. Overall, it was especially quiet and peaceful here today.

P.P.S This year I am elated knowing I will not be returning to my teaching job. It is so freeing to know that I will be able to continue my plein air adventures into autumn. Doing a little happy dance here today! 

P.S. Please feel free to comment or join in the challenge if you are an artist! 

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