Friday, September 12, 2014

30 in 30 Challenge, Day 12, "The Night of the Super Moon"

The Night of the Super Moon, 5x7in. Oil on linen/board.
Painted En Plein Air in Powell's Pt. Park, Nova Scotia.

Available Here

The Night of the Super Moon

The park is exceptionally quiet this evening. The lowering sun casts a golden glow upon the land. It is an enchanting evening, especially tonight as the super moon is scheduled to make its appearance. 

As the evening progresses, layers must be donned. The night brings crisp autumn air, creating a chill and the knowledge that soon colder days will be upon us. 

Once the land was recorded with paint, the Super Moon made its grand appearance! It shone  brightly like a huge globe in a pinkish sky. Its beauty was beyond words; causing  an awe inspiring appreciation for nature and her marvels. 

Tonight nature humbles her viewer with her grandeur. She has gifted one with yet another orchestration of beauty. It is an honor to witness her offering! 

Debbie Lamey-MacDonald ©

It was such a beautiful evening in Powell's Pt. Park when I painted this one. Witnessing the Super Harvest Moon when I was just finishing my painting was beyond words. I literally gasped when I turned around and saw that huge glowing globe in the sky!

 I immediately unpacked some of my gear again and quickly recorded the essence of the moon on a miniature painting. I just have to do some tweaking on it and will post it soon as well. 

Nature's beauty never seizes to amaze me. Being witness and experiencing her beauty on location is a wonderful gift. I will never grow tired of trying to capture her beauty in paint. Definitely a humbling experience!

I hope you have a chance to absorb some of nature's beauty this weekend! Take a few moments to pause and acknowledge your natural surroundings. You might be surprised what see and feel. 


P.S. Please feel free to comment or join in the challenge if you are an artist! 

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