Friday, September 19, 2014

30 in 30 Challenge, Day 18, "A Burst of Light"

"A Burst of Light", 4x4in. Oil on linen/board.
Painted En Plein Air in Powell's Pt. Park, Nova Scotia.

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A Burst of Light

"September light bursts through a moody sky, illuminating tree tops before its evening departure."

Debbie Lamey-MacDonald ©

This was one of those paintings that if you did too much monkeying around you would loose the spontaneity and freshness! I had to make sure I tossed my brush aside when I had the affect I was looking for; it would have been easy to add one brush stroke too many.

My Set Up

It was so quiet in the park the night I painted this, you could hear people's footsteps before I actually saw them. I love how dramatic and moody the skies get this time of year. It is breathtaking when the sunlight bursts through towards the end of the day.

Powell's Pt. Park, Nova Scotia

When I first arrived to paint, an eagle flew so close to me I could see him perfectly. You could hear his wings swooshing through the air. What an amazing looking bird!

I hope you are getting a chance to witness dramatic skies and beautiful light. Nature never seizes to reward those who are attune to her beauty!


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