Saturday, July 04, 2015

Summer Has Arrived & Timed Blooms!

Summer Has Arrived, 24x12in. Oil on linen/panel. 
Powell's Point Park, Nova Scotia.

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Summer Has Arrived

Summer has arrived in full force with temperatures that make one slow down. Temperatures that delineate hast and dictate a languorous pace. The air is still this morning making my set up easier and adds to a prevailing calm. 

I have come to one of my favorite spots in the park where wild roses and foliage play peek-a-boo with the ocean beyond. The charm of wild roses in full bloom captivates onlookers, adding a regal presence to the surrounding area. 

Their bubblegum pink, cheerfully scatter amongst the foliage. Throwing all cares away they bring one into a present moment, retaliating from life and its many demands. They caress the soul and nurture a place within. Nature once again delivers a gentle therapy where one’s spirit becomes renewed. 

Debbie Lamey-MacDonald

Powell’s Point Park, Nova Scotia

(The above Reflection was written on location after I finished my study for this larger work.)

This is a favorite spot I love to paint every year in Powell's Point Park. There is an abundance of wild rose bushes that bloom profusely every year. I am in love with roses and especially wild ones! They just exude joy and symbolize that wonderful relaxed feeling of warm summer days. 

I completed the study a couple of years ago on a warm summer morning. This past winter I completed a larger studio painting using my study, notes and digital images as references. 

I recently visited this spot again this year! The rose bushes are just beginning to bud. I can't wait for them to burst into bloom. If you are patient, nature can be so rewarding and giving. 



P.S. (If you receive my Ezine, you would have already read parts of this blog. Thanks for indulging me! )

P.P.S ( On a personal note, Ian and I happily celebrated our 33rd Wedding Anniversary on Friday, July 3rd! I posted some wedding pics taken many moons ago on Facebook. Look what bloomed just in time for our Anniversary. Cheers!)

Peonies in my gardens. This one is huge!

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