Monday, September 02, 2013

Diary of a Plein Air Painter #25

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Bursting With Color

"Bursting with color, zinnias add radiance to summertime gardens."

Debbie Lamey-MacDonald

July 23, 2013
Fraser's Mtn. Nova Scotia.

I have ventured up to my parents' flower gardens once again. I decided to get out early this morning as it is predicting overcast skies this afternoon.

After having a chat with my mom, I began my walk about searching for my inspiration for the day. At last I spotted vibrant colored zinnias. I have always been intrigued with shadows against walls or buildings and loved how the zinnias cast a shadow on my parents' house.

My Subject--Zinnias

Zinnias' petals are so dense and solidly shaped that they almost look artificial. Even their vibrant colors make them appear almost "plastic" in nature.

Set up in front of my subject.
Adding the finishing touches.

I tried to make every brush stroke count so as not to loose their vibrancy and shape. Taking time to really observe before I applied paint was a good working method. Looking at darks and lights helped me form their shape. I have to say they were super fun to paint. I think I would like to paint more zinnias in the future in a larger format. 

As I finished up the day changed drastically. The clouds rolled in, the wind came up and the sun totally disappeared. I left feeling grateful and satisfied that I was able to paint this little painting today.


P.S. While I worked my dad scared me as he came up from his garage. We had a nice chat.

P.P.S. Just before I cleaned up, I took a break to have lunch with my parents. My aunt and her granddaughter also arrived at the same time. So overall it was a great painting session and visit. Working art into my everyday life leads to greater productivity. 

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