Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Violet Heads" -New Miniature

Violet Heads, 3x2in. Oil on linen/panel. $55
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Violet Heads

"As the herb garden awakens, violet headed chives sway about in a gentle breeze."

Debbie Lamey-MacDonald 

This past Spring when my herb garden was overgrown and full of weeds a bundle of chives decided to bloom in spite of their surroundings. Their violet coloured heads made me smile and were a wonderful discovery after a long winter.

I love puttering around my herb garden, filled with lovely scents and little discoveries. It seemed fitting to capture a couple of these interesting looking flowers in a miniature painting. I really enjoyed observing their intricacies and various hues.

During my creation of this miniature, I posted various stages of my process on Facebook. Here are a few photos of my various stages. I hope you enjoy viewing my process.

My subject--chives from my herb garden.

Subject set up--sketch in charcoal--bring on the paint!

In progress

Subject comes to life in paint!

I hope you get to wander in nature and drink up her intimate glimpses of beauty. Beauty is often not the grandeur, but the little glimpses of something incidental. These little moments of observed beauty make us stop and come into a present moment. For me...that is how I renew my spirit. How about you?


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  1. Love this post Debbie. I so agree and I get such joy from searching for the delicate details in nature. And from discovering them accidentally too! Stumbling across a tiny forest mushroom for example awakens my soul :) These chives are a gem, in many ways. They remind me of the garden my mother kept when I was young. Looking forward to more posts!

    1. Thanks so much Amanda! I see your love for small incidental discoveries in your photography. It is so neat how these small sights can evoke memories from childhood or otherwise. Often unexpectedly I will have memories surface from my childhood when I am outside. That is where we played most of the time with our imaginations. I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by! :D


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