Monday, July 15, 2013

Diary of a Plein Air Painter #20

Summer Has Arrived, 12x6in. Oil on linen/panel. A Study for larger work.

Saturday, July 6, 2013
Powell's Pt. Park, Nova Scotia

9:00-10:30 a.m.

I escaped the heat of the house and my to do list today by coming to the park to paint. Summer has arrived in full force with temperatures that make one slow down. As I made my way to the park, I anticipated the vision of wild rose bushes in full bloom. Sure enough when I arrived I was not disappointed. I always take delight in their bubble gum pink color and cheerful disposition.

My Subject at Powell's Pt. Park, Nova Scotia

When I arrived I walked around viewing the roses from different angles and admired the ocean view peeking through the foliage. This is one of my favourite scenes to paint this time of year. One cannot help being mesmerized by its charm.

My Set Up

I found a shady spot to paint my subject. It is a perfect view and a most comfortable location. I must set up quickly before the light shifts. It is  time to dance with nature.

During my painting session, I had several visitors as I was completing my painting. I enjoyed two interesting conversations. One was with an old acquaintance from childhood. I am sure we solved all the problems of the world! My second conversation was with a gentleman of native descent. We talked about nature and he shared some native terms for various months. The month of July was the month the birds lost their feathers. He came to the park to bird watch and find feathers which he will use for a creative project. 

 I think I will make a larger painting of this scene using my study as reference. Such an interesting session today and a most beautiful day to be in the park!



P.S. My first visitor was in awe of my painting palette and the whole process of how I could create a painting. Many questions pursued! He had a great appreciation for art and artists. I even had my picture taken while I painted. Wink, wink. It is special how some people think we create magic as artists!

P.P.S Two ladies arrived with two sweet little girls. They sat in the picnic table beside my subject and carried on a most intense conversation. I felt like a statue on the sidelines privy to all. A bit of an odd feeling. I guess I really blended in with my subject. People are a most interesting species indeed! 

Special Note: If you had signed up for my blog posts to arrive in your email inbox, I finally have that enabled! Thanks so much for your patience. 

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