Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring is.....

With Easter comes a feeling of renewal. It seems to bring a sense of anticipation, knowing that Spring is just around the corner. As a child I remember feeling the excitement of shedding winter coats in exchange for light spring jackets and new rubber boots!

Come along as I take you on a  journey of what


                                               Spring is....

              Spring is... 

                                                  pink rubber boots and enticing mud puddles!

"Together" Available

... shiny new marbles and twirling earth pots. 

"Rolling Along", Prints Available

                          Spring is... 

                                                                 muddy fingers, earthy mud pots...

and the sight of our winged friends' arrival!

"Announcing Spring", Prints Available

                                  Spring is ...

                                             the softness of pussy willows 

"Thoughts of Spring", Available , Prints Available

and their timelessness captured in glass bottles. 

                            Spring is ... 

             a rainbow of blooms...

"A Burst of Cheer",  Prints Available

...and delicate petals of varied hues.

                             Spring is ...

             renewal of spirit,

"A Sweet Scent",  Prints Available

...blossoms unfolding,

and mother nature's rebirth.

"Spring Dance", Prints Available

Wishing you a Happy Easter,
May the sights and sounds of Spring 
bring you joy and upliftment!


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  1. Ah such a delightful post and brilliant paintings. I love the changing seasons, we are entering glorious Autumn here after a scorching summer. Oh, but how I will miss the summer days.

    1. Thanks so much Chris! We are live in such a global world, seems so funny you are heading into the opposite season of us. Autumn is also a beautiful time of year. I'm like you though, I do love the summer and its lushness. Appreciate your visit! xo


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