Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Nature's Whispers

Nature's Whispers, 7x5in. Oil on linen/panel, Painted En Plein Air in Powell's Pt. Park, Nova Scotia.

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Nature’s Whispers

The park is so calm today. I almost feel like I am in heaven. Not a soul in sight, just the rhythm of paint and brushes in motion. Breezes arise intermittently causing foliage to rustle and sway. Pink roses skip about within the gentle movement. 

A calmness prevails. It is like time has stood still as a meditative state begins. Nature gently cradles the soul with her quiet whispers and beauty.

Debbie Lamey-MacDonald ©

Powell’s Point. Park, Nova Scotia

This was a painting I completed a few weeks ago in the park when the wild rose bushes were in bloom. I am always so thrilled to witness their beauty and never tire of them. My written reflections are written after I complete my painting. I often take a snack and hot tea to drink while I write. I love this reflective time, writing and listening to nature! 

Stay tuned tomorrow for my Plein Air Diary entry that accompanies this piece. 

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