Sunday, February 09, 2014

Aglow and New Blog!

"Aglow", 3x2in. Oil on linen/panel. Available


"A tiny apple sits aglow in summer's warmth."

Debbie Lamey-MacDonald 

This was the second apple I picked from an old apple tree in our backyard this summer. I was fascinated with how it glowed on our blue tin table in the bright sunlight. It was fun to paint on my back doorstep!

In my last post I mentioned a special gift I received for Christmas and then forgot to post a picture of it. Chuckling.... must have had a distraction and moved on to my next thought.

So here is the beautiful piece of amethyst my brother and sister-in-law gave me for Christmas. It is suppose to inspire creativity. I love how it glows with a lit candle behind it. It has found a home in my studio on my apple green bureau.

A special Christmas gift --amethyst.

Last post I also mentioned my New Fine Art Gift Bags I launched just before Christmas. The idea grew after visiting a new shop in my area. I loved the way in which the shop owner/ artisan had artistically set up her new shop. I also loved how her wares were packaged. We had a wonderful chat the day I visited.

That visit along with my love for teaming with other like minded entrepreneurs/artisans helped my vision evolve for these new Fine Art Bags. My intention was to make each bag personal and unique. To hold a special energy of their own. This would greatly align with my philosophy that I take to the creation of my miniature work. Each miniature is like a small meditation; thus these new bags needed to mimic this intention as well. I really enjoy assembling each one and am always delighted to see what my two counterparts come up with in their interpretation of my miniature oil painting. 

You can read more about them on my online shop here.

"Violet Heads" Fine Art Gift Bag Available Here.

New Blog: Feel free to visit my second and new blog "Small Pauses". I would love for you to join in by sharing your own small pauses or thoughts!

Wishing you a Wonderful Day!

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