Monday, February 18, 2013

Music, Paint, Action!

A Burst of Cheer, 4x4in. Oil on linen/board.


A Burst of Cheer

"Pink hues add a burst of cheer, as the earth lays dormant during its winter slumber."

Debbie Lamey-MacDonald

Last week, I had the day off from teaching due to a storm day.  During the early evening I decided to paint one of the tulips I had purchased to add a cheery note to our home during these wintry days.

Once I was set up I decided to share my painting journey with my Facebook and Twitter Friends. I really had a blast and loved interacting in real time with everyone! It was like a mini party right in my studio--friends, music and paint flowing! What fun! Special thanks to everyone who followed along and added nice comments or thumbs up. It was great having you with me during my studio session.

For those who missed my progress shots I have posted them below. My sweet cat Marlee even came to investigate to see what all the buzz was about in my studio. She aptly side stepped my set up and soared up to her favourite perch on the window ledge!

(Close up of my subject.)

(My studio set up and beginning of miniature painting.)

(Progressing along!)

(Getting there!)

( As I was calling it a night, Marlee came to visit. You can see her up on the window ledge.)

My finished painting is shown at the top of this post. I pretty much finished it that night and only did a bit of tweaking on another session. I loved painting this tulip with all its various shades of pink (one of my favourite colors). I don't sketch out all the the areas on the tulip that need various shades of color. I just observe and paint the detail as I move along--allows me a greater sense of freedom and an opportunity to intuitively paint my subject.

Hoping you find simple things to fill your home with cheer during these cold winter months. I would love to hear how you add cheer to your surroundings. It is sometimes the little things that bring us the most pleasure. We just have to be open and aware of their ability to do so.

Thanks for following along!


P.S. Before I posted this blog entry this painting sold on my Fine Art Shop! A lovely surprise--feeling much appreciation for my new collector!

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