Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year and News!

Iris Harmony, 6x6in. Oil on Sretch Canvas

Available Here.

Taking a moment to wish you a Very Happy New Year!! It is such a great time of year to take stock of where we are and the direction we would like to be going in various areas of our life--career, personal etc. One of the more common practices this time of year is to write New Year's Resolutions. I think they are a good idea in some respects because they help focus our dreams and desires.

Christine Kane's Word of the Year Booklet

Another technique I have used over the last couple of years is to pick a word of the year that is in line with your goals for the future. I got this idea from Christine Kane. She also has a great little workbook you can print off to get you started on picking your word. You can find her workbook here. I like to type my word and post it around the house, in my studio etc. Thought you might like to give it a try! Good Luck!


On another note I have published a new Blog. I loved my old one, but the framework on my old website and blog needed to be totally reconstructed due to it being quite an old template. It would have taken way too much time for my son. So I found a great platform called Weebly, that I used myself to build my New Online Shop and I  linked my Blogspot Blog with it as well. Sooooo everything is new as I begin 2013! It feels like is it is going to be a great year ahead!

A nice surprise also occurred recently. Annie Strack a super artist who is very supportive of her fellow artists included me in a lovely post highlighting several wonderful artists. I was both honored and humbled to be included with these artists. You can read the post here.

Hoping 2013 brings you much Joy!

Feel free to sign up for my Ezine and Visit my Online Shop! Cheers!


  1. Happy New Year, Debbie! I love the look of your new blog, and I love your Irises too. Purple is my favorite color. :)

    1. Thanks-Happy New Year to you too Cheryl!! Thanks so much for your feedback on my blog and your kind words about my painting. Purple is such a beautiful color Cheryl. I love purple flowers paired with red,pink or white flowers. They always look so nice in a flower garden!

  2. Wow you are on a roll! Love your painting and the word of the year idea! Happy New Year Debbie!

    1. LOL Lots of behind the scenes work going on the past while Shannon! Now to get going on lots of painting! So happy you like the word of the year idea--I really enjoyed doing this the last couple of years. Hope you get to give it a try! Big Thanks for your kind words about my Iris painting.xx A Very Happy New Year to you too Shannon!


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